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About Us

We are musicians first and foremost. But we also love creating content.

Specifically around music.

Musicians of Mischief Productions: Text

What we do

National Day of Rock N' Roll:

July 7, 2023, at Backstage Bar & Billiards. 

National Day of Rock N' Roll ~ Guinness Book of Records

First person to crowd surf 20m, by Velvet Taint aka Christina Alexander.

July 7, 2023. 

Location TBA

Musicians of Mischief (short film)

Pilot - available on:

Film Hub



*Winner of Best Comedy at Comedy Night of Shorts*

Live from the UNDERGROUND:

Hosted by the Musicians of Mischief, Velvet Taint & Harry Sac.


A hooligan metal/punk infused rock band, with heavy riffs, driving vocals, hard hitting drums, and bowel shaking bass lines. 

EP Coming Summer 2023.

Harry Sac and the Pubes:

Comedy punk band.

Coming Summer 2023.

Parody ft. The Musicians of Mischief:

Rock N' Roll Parody's.

Coming Spring 2023.

Musicians of Mischief Productions: Text

Musicians of Mischief (Short Film)


Currently in production for Season 1

Musicians of Mischief Productions: Experience
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The Musicians of Mischief film is a 7 part series of short films, comedically compiled together, featuring music performed and played by 'The Musicians of Mischief'.

Winner for the Best Comedy at 'Night of Comedy Shorts'

Find us on:​



Film Freeway



We are proud to be apart of the Las Vegas music scene. There is no scene like the underground music scene here in Vegas.  

The array of talented rock bands out here is truly inspiring.  Musicians supporting musicians, bands supporting bands, people supporting people. 

'Live from the UNDERGROUND' coming Spring 2023.

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